Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mom Bloggers: Easy Tips

Venturing into the world of blogging is a step that many moms take. Whether they work outside of the home and want extra money, love to write as a hobby or wish to take on a job that lets them stay in the house with their little ones, blogging provides a creative avenue for accomplishing such goals. Setting aside time for blogging and finding a niche are two important tips to keep in mind.
Mommy-Centric or No
The first step for new blogging moms is to decide if they want the blog to focus on their mothering lifestyle or not. For a successful new moms blog, incorporating some element of motherhood would be useful since this focus would speak immediately to the target audience. However, the sole focus of the blog does not need to be on mothering. Women may choose to include information on crafts to do with children, healthy eating ideas for families and so forth.
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Personal Touches
blog_6_3Stay at home mom jobs do not require the blogger to personally connect with her audience, but the endeavor is generally more successful if she does so. Readers often want to feel as though they are speaking with a friend or confidante when they read the blog. Not only can this help a new moms blog to have a softer feel to it, but it can also point to the blog as a source of authority on the topic. When readers feel like they are taking advice from a trusted friend, they may be more likely to turn to the blog for advice.
The Inclusion of Photos
blog_6_4Visuals are important aspects of a blog no matter what the topic is. For example, including pictures of a craft or a baked good that the mother and child made together helps interested parties to see what the finished product should look like. Some women do not like to post pictures of themselves or their children online, and they should not feel that they have to do so. The other women in their mommy audience will certainly understand this need for privacy.
Creating a Work Space
Having a goal for the blog and incorporating intriguing elements are both parts of stay at home mom jobs, but women also want to ensure that they take these positions seriously. Creating a work space in a home office or den helps to keep them focused and to feel as though they are going to a job in a traditional office area. Furthermore, having kids at home while trying to work can be difficult and distracting. Women may wish to blog when their children are down for their naps, or they might want to consider hiring a mother’s helper to assist during their working hours.
Diving into the world of blogging is something that many women decide to do. Certainly, financial gains can manifest as a result of this movie, and these women can become prominent bloggers. However, they also have the opportunity to express themselves through a creative media and elicit a response from a larger audience.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Starting A Blog Is Not Just For Fun Anymore

Over the last few years, blogging has become considerably more popular. Blogs are a creative way to reach a variety of people about a variety of topics. Blogging was once used for recreational expression or as a tool to generate business; however, blogging now offers personal, professional, and financial benefits. There are many notable reasons to start a blog. Blogs can act as a business card, brochure, or resume. In some cases, blogs can act as an innovative form of advertising and marketing. Most importantly, for some bloggers, blogs are now a viable form of income. Although the reason for starting a blog may vary from blogger to blogger, this form of expression is not just for fun anymore.
Want To Work Online From Home
blog_5_2Starting a blog is an ideal method of connecting with customers and potential clients. Blogs can offer useful information and can transform a passion for writing into usable income. Blogging does not require a generous amount of overhead and there is slight risk involved. Blogs that have acquired a massive following can generate enough income for a stay at home mom to support a family. It is important to remember that in the current economy, it may be beneficial to remain diverse and earn additional forms of income.
Attract An Audience
A blog can attract an audience of like-minded individuals. Many bloggers admit that some of their interests are not shared by others in their family or in their circle of friends. A blog can help create connections with other individuals that share a common interest. Blogs are a great way to network and build a community. It is important to add that the audience the blog attracts does not have to be distinct. The audience can be formed by potential clients, friends, customers, or even colleagues.
blog_5_3Networking Opportunities
Starting a blog can create valuable networking opportunities. An interesting blog is capable of reaching millions of individuals daily. This is an ideal way to meet and interact with other people in a specific field. Moreover, blogs are a useful way to promote a product, service, or business. Blogging can facilitate learning and growth while providing valuable information to others. Webpages such as “How to Start a Blog” or “Buy My Writing Service” can offer value to others while creating significant networking opportunities. Blogging can help attract an audience that can be transformed into clients, friends, and customers.
Become A Better Writer
Although starting a blog can help the blogger become a better writer; the process can also help them become a better thinker. The blogging process not only consists of writing, but it encourages critical thinking. Starting a blog helps express deep thoughts and forces the writer to recognize the varying worldviews that creates them. In order to create a successful blog, the blogger must become a better writer. Blogging is one of those processes that improve with practice. It is important to remember that writing is a form of communication. The more effective the writer, the easier it is to record thoughts and communicate them. Becoming a better writer and improving writing skills has benefits that translate to other aspects of life. These benefits can include writing a book, creating a presentation, or writing a resume.
Starting a blog is not simply for fun or recreational purposes anymore. Blogging is a viable way to work online from home. This form of expression can help a stay at home mom generate additional income while managing a family. Blogs are a great way to meet new people, network, and improve writing skills.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Mom Blogging: Am I Too Old To Start One?

There is a lot of talk going on about blogging and how it can be an effective way of making money as a side job for some extra money. However, this is mostly referring to those that already have jobs and they may not have the time that it takes to run a blog effectively. Luckily, this certainly isn’t the case with mommies who stay at home and watch their children during the day. As a matter of fact, blogging is become a huge market for moms and it can be something that you can start doing almost immediately. That said, many moms wonder if they are too old to be blogging? They wonder what they can talk about? Or why they would even start blogging to begin with? Here are some answers to those questions; to better help you see that blogging as a mom is a great thing to consider.
If you are wondering what it is that you can talk about as a mom blogger, the answer is: anything! Ideally, you’ll want to come up with a specific niche market that you are interested in and that other people may also find interest in as well. The more attractive your idea is, the easier it will be to gain readers and develop a following online. However, even if you have something that is specific to you, the Internet provides you with the opportunities to reach out to countless people from around the world. No matter what it is that you want to write about, you can do so online. There are plenty of blogging jobs for mom out there, you simply just have to find the right market to attract.

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blog_4_3Another major benefit for those looking to start blogging is that it’s easy to do, even if you are already a full-time mommy. Blogging is one of those things that you can do from anywhere. There are not many jobs to work from home for moms that provide you with the same benefits quite like blogging. You won’t have to miss out on important parts in your child’s life, nor will you have to sacrifice being the person that your family relies on to maintain the home. You can easily blog on your on schedule and maintain your content as much, or as little, as you’d like.
Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough on a family financially. However, if you are making money through blogging jobs for mom, then this can greatly help the family’s finances. In some cases, it may be just a few-hundred dollars per month. However, if you develop a following, blogging jobs to work from home for moms can result in earning thousands of dollars. In either case, it can be incredibly helpful for a family where only one person goes to a traditional job.
blog_4_4Not only will you also be earning money while blogging, but you’ll also be learning a lot as well. For example, you could find ways to save money on vacations or when buying groceries, both of which will add to the amount of money that you can save each month.
If you are a mom that is looking to help your family out by earning more money, while also keeping yourself busy during naptime or play dates, blogging is a legitimate option that you can consider. You’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish and the money you can make, especially considering it’ll be from your house, in your pajamas and on your own schedule.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I’m A Single Mom, and I’m Making Extra Money


When looking to make extra money, one has plenty of choices, especially with the advent of technology and the Internet. While true, a single mom must think a little harder about the situation. With this in mind, here are a few tips to succeed when working from home.
Set up an office: Without a doubt, a single mother will want to work from a comfortable office with plenty of room. Think about it, single moms working from home will need to relax and have enough room to come up with ideas, talk on the phone and work on the computer. This is especially true during times when children are around. If it’s not possible to set up a separate office, one should, at minimum, try to put their desk in an area that is hard to reach for children. Then, one can work without fear. Otherwise, if a mom works in the middle of the living room, kids will crawl all over her to ask questions and get help.
blog3_pic3Look around for work: Sadly, when looking for stay at home mom jobs, plenty of people take the first opportunity. This is unwise for a few reasons. For starters, one will want to research the company and position. Not only that, ideally, a mother should work in her career field. Think about it, when looking to make money, one should utilize their skills and take advantage of opportunities. Then, when doing so, a mom can make more money and improve her resume. In the future, this will lead to more job opportunities when going back to the corporate arena. On the other hand, single moms working from home that take low paying gigs are going to hurt their bank accounts. At the same time, when doing this, one will not help their career prospects.
Don’t take on too much: It’s easy to grow with excitement when finding stay at home mom jobs. However, one must curb their enthusiasm and avoid this. Think about it, when taking on too many jobs, a mom will end up overworking. Instead, single moms working from home need to look at the long-term. Then, one will take on jobs they can qualify for and finish on time. Simply put, with a long-term approach, a mother can avoid burnout.
blog3_pic4Learn marketing: Finally, when looking for stay at home mom jobs, one needs to learn marketing. With Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, a working parent can easily show off his or her talents to people from around the world. When doing so, one also should build a simple WordPress website. With an online presence, a contractor or business owner will go a long way in finding excited and willing clients. Luckily, one can do all this without spending much money as most online marketing tools are free or don’t cost much. For this reason, a working parent must, from day one, start to market his or her product or services. With this long-term approach, a single parent can make more money with less effort.
A working mom should consider work from home opportunities. Luckily, when doing so, one can make a decent living and take care of their children. While true, it’s still wise for a mother to think more deeply about the situation and consider her lifestyle.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Importance of Social Authority in Social Media Marketing

Many marketing outlets and so called experts give far too much credit to the practice of social media marketing. Social media marketing in and of itself does not ensure results for any business that uses it. Everyone has a Facebook page, and business owners with a budget are all taking out ads on the platform as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and every other relevant social media platform today. The companies that are successful are much less numerous.
The successful companies realize what 90% of the others do not: Social authority is much more important that simply having a social media presence. Social authority outweighs all of the marketing spend as well as the manhours on the Internet that an unsuccessful company spends.
blog2_pic3What is social media authority?
Having authority in social media is just what it sounds like: being taken seriously on social media. Having social media authority means that people look to you as an expert in your field. What you say will be followed by the tastemakers and the king makers who you need in order to maintain a relationship with a customer base that is large enough for you to stay in business. Incredibly, as you gain authority in social media, you will likely have to perform less and less social media marketing.
How do you gain social media authority?
All small business social media marketing should be focused on increasing the authority with which a brand is associated. Whether you are boosting posts on Facebook or Tweeting out the latest happenings in your industry, it is not done to get a quick sale. It is done to get people looking at you as an authority that is trusted.

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There are many ways to become an authority over social media. All of them take time and are quite tedious, so any automation that you can perform without looking fake is a definite plus.
First, you should become a presence that is consistent on the Internet. Everywhere that your industry is, you should be seen. This means that you may have to join messageboards and niche oriented social media groups in order to maintain a presence.
Second, you should have the information that people are looking for. Once you have created all of your accounts, lurking for a while on the various niche sites may be your next best move. You will learn the trends of your industry, and eventually, you will find out how to get the information that people are looking for before any other source. If you are a true expert at the industry, then you will be able to offer up new information that will turn some heads.
blog2_pic5Third, you should look to get out ahead of the curve by guest blogging and becoming a leader in the scene. Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out in front of taste makers in the industry, not to mention the blogger himself. Much of small business social media marketing is based around the blog, and guest posting is seen as a step up in many industries.
The strategies detailed above take time and effort. Some of them should be outsourced; others of them should be performed in house. Regardless, remember that having the ear of the people is much better than having an unlimited budget.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Discover A New Social Sense of Promotion with Social Media Optimization

So much focus has been put on Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, that many overlook the importance of Social Media Optimization. For business owners and entrepreneurs using social media, optimization across social media platforms is imperative to generate results. Often labeled as SMO, Social Media Optimization is the process of making content that is generated for a specific brand easily shareable across several different social media platforms and sites referred to as the social media web. Rather than creating a digital marketing plan that is geared to drive as much traffic as possible, this approach to marketing is about making sure as many people as possible see the content to benefit the brand. Read on, and learn why a social sense of promotion has proven to benefit brands of all sizes.

blog_1_3Why is Social Media Optimization So Important in the Long Run?
While the focus on SMO is not necessarily to drive larger loads of traffic to your site, it is to get your content seen so organic traffic is referred your way. Social media traffic is referred to as social referrals, where you are recommended to visit a specific site based on your likes and interests. Based on statistics conducted by the most reliable marketers, social networks are actually driving more traffic to professional websites than Google, the most popular search engine, is.
If you have interesting content that can easily be shared across several different social networks, you are much more likely to see traffic rates on your site skyrocket. What is great about this strategy is that you are more likely to reach a targeted audience by creating content that appeals to a specific person so that the traffic is more likely to convert.
blog_1_4SMO Strategies That Will Get Your Brand Attention
Now that you understand that the purpose of SMO is to build an online presence while you increase brand recognition, it is important to implement the right strategies to make users share your content across many different platforms. One of the most popular ways to spread branded content across the social web without requiring users to visit your website is to effective use widgets. By doing this, bloggers and other traffic can “grab” your content and easily share it on their own profiles for their friends and followers to see. Others prefer to use Badges to share content, which is an embedded code that will display as an image and link the visitor to the website when clicked. What is beneficial about badges is that each badge counts as a backlink, which can improve Search Engine rankings.
Another optimization strategy that may be worth a try is the social sign in strategy. When you attract a visitor to your website, it is in your best interest to have them register so that they will stay engaged. You can either have them fill out a long-form registration, or you can encourage them to complete a social sign in that eliminates the need for a long form to be completed. This makes your list of registered users larger which turns into more content shares.
If you want referral traffic and you want shares to help you generate new prospects, you need to find out what the successful entrepreneurs using social media are doing. These may not be all of the strategies, but these are some SMO tactics that are important when you are competing against so many other businesses.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Using Social Media To Promote Start-Up Businesses

When running a business, it’s wise to think about a marketing strategy. When thinking about one, most people will want to use the Internet as it’s an effective and cheap way to market products and services to enthusiastic clients around the world. While true, it’s not always easy as people aren’t always well-versed in social media marketing strategies. With this in mind, here are five tips for using social media to promote your startup business.
pic3_3Start early: First and foremost, when using social media for marketing, one will want to start the journey early in the process. Think about it, when starting out early on, one will know how to proceed. Not only that, when looking for followers from day one, it’s possible to build the pages quickly. Without a doubt, when starting a small business social media strategy early, one will not falter in their approach. On the other hand, when waiting too long, it’s possible to lose the page to a company with a similar name.
Find true followers: While it’s fun to find hundreds of followers to check out a page, it’s not always wise to do so. When looking for fans, it’s beneficial to look for ones with a true interest in the product. Otherwise, if Facebook fans are simply people who only have a passing interest, they will not convert into customers. So, when starting out, make sure to find legitimate and excited fans. Furthermore, don’t buy them as Facebook will ban the account when the company is caught.
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Post a few days a week: Don’t cave into the temptation and post four or five times a day. While it’s interesting and exciting to watch the comments and activity pile up, it’s beneficial to take a slow approach. Otherwise, a corporation can quickly cheapen its brand. In fact, when using social media for marketing, a smart business will only post two or three days a week. Then, when offering true value, the small business social media strategy will pay big dividends. If one doesn’t follow this advice, they are likely to anger fans that bore of reading the same content over and over.
pic4_4Ask questions: Now, the beauty of social media is that a company can talk directly to its clients. This is especially important when working in the startup sphere where it’s often difficult to connect with new and old clients. However, with a few open-ended questions, one can watch as their fans list grows and their social media marketing plan takes off. If one forgets their followers and only markets to them, one will miss out on a valuable way to grow a brand.
Remember that people are watching: Finally, when running a social media campaign, one must remember that people are watching. When this happens, a company will want to respond to inquiries, bad and good, quickly. If not, the startup is likely to hurt its reputation. Then, it will face an uphill battle to find clients and build the brand. So, remember, when on social media, people are watching.
When looking to promote a startup, social media is an excellent tool. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s a tool that people can learn to use quickly and efficiently. For this reason, when starting up a company, one must use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Social Media Marketing – Effective Way To Grow Business

Without a doubt, when looking to expand a business, large or small, one will need to use online marketing tools and methods. This now includes social media. However, plenty of people take an unwise approach and end up missing out on a valuable way to gain enthusiastic and spend-happy customers. With this in mind, here is a short guide showing how social media marketing is an effective way to grow a business.
Make posts that people enjoy: First and foremost, when posting on a social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, one will want to compel the visitor to click the link. Otherwise, if a user simply sees the link but does nothing, the organization won’t make any money or help its cause. On the other hand, with a compelling title, one can watch as people line up to read the article and make comments. Simply put, this is one of the most effectivie social media marketing strategies available.
12.2pngRespond to comments quickly: With so many available social media marketing tools, one can respond to questions quickly. Think about it, when a client complains about the product or service, hundreds, if not thousands, of people will see the comment and wonder what the problem is. On the other hand, when asking a question or praising the corporation, people will also see the dialogue. For this reason, when dealing with social media inquiries, a company needs to respond quickly; ideally someone should respond within a few hours. If one doesn’t do this, they will struggle to keep people excited about the product.
Don’t forget to link back to the website and blog: Now, when making a post on social media, whether through Twitter, Facebook or Google+, a company will want to link back to its website. While people might think this sounds too promotional, it’s an effective and cheap way to get some website traffic. Then, when landing on the site, a visitor is likely to stick around and learn more about the products and services the company offers. If a social media post doesn’t contain a link, one will miss out on plenty of free traffic to the website.
Try to find followers from all over: One of the most effective social media marketing strategies is to find followers from all over. While it’s easy to sit back and hope people promote the business to their friends, this is unlikely. No, when hosting the website and sending out emails, a company needs to use social media marketing tools. Then, it can, with ease, find people who want to check out the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the business.
C12.3pngonsistent posts: All-too-often, one will open Facebook and Twitter accounts and post all the time. Then, after a few weeks, or months, plenty of people slow down, or give up altogether. This is an unwise and ineffective approach. Instead, when trying to build a long-term and practical social media marketing strategy, one will want to post often and with regularity. Then, people will return to the page as they will expect more news and information.
When running a social media marketing campaign, one can convert visitors into customers, all without spending money. This is an effective and efficient way for a business, large or small, to grow its brand.

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