Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Importance of Social Authority in Social Media Marketing

Many marketing outlets and so called experts give far too much credit to the practice of social media marketing. Social media marketing in and of itself does not ensure results for any business that uses it. Everyone has a Facebook page, and business owners with a budget are all taking out ads on the platform as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and every other relevant social media platform today. The companies that are successful are much less numerous.
The successful companies realize what 90% of the others do not: Social authority is much more important that simply having a social media presence. Social authority outweighs all of the marketing spend as well as the manhours on the Internet that an unsuccessful company spends.
blog2_pic3What is social media authority?
Having authority in social media is just what it sounds like: being taken seriously on social media. Having social media authority means that people look to you as an expert in your field. What you say will be followed by the tastemakers and the king makers who you need in order to maintain a relationship with a customer base that is large enough for you to stay in business. Incredibly, as you gain authority in social media, you will likely have to perform less and less social media marketing.
How do you gain social media authority?
All small business social media marketing should be focused on increasing the authority with which a brand is associated. Whether you are boosting posts on Facebook or Tweeting out the latest happenings in your industry, it is not done to get a quick sale. It is done to get people looking at you as an authority that is trusted.

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There are many ways to become an authority over social media. All of them take time and are quite tedious, so any automation that you can perform without looking fake is a definite plus.
First, you should become a presence that is consistent on the Internet. Everywhere that your industry is, you should be seen. This means that you may have to join messageboards and niche oriented social media groups in order to maintain a presence.
Second, you should have the information that people are looking for. Once you have created all of your accounts, lurking for a while on the various niche sites may be your next best move. You will learn the trends of your industry, and eventually, you will find out how to get the information that people are looking for before any other source. If you are a true expert at the industry, then you will be able to offer up new information that will turn some heads.
blog2_pic5Third, you should look to get out ahead of the curve by guest blogging and becoming a leader in the scene. Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out in front of taste makers in the industry, not to mention the blogger himself. Much of small business social media marketing is based around the blog, and guest posting is seen as a step up in many industries.
The strategies detailed above take time and effort. Some of them should be outsourced; others of them should be performed in house. Regardless, remember that having the ear of the people is much better than having an unlimited budget.
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