Monday, July 27, 2015

Gold, Best Asset Protection Today!

Gold, Best Asset Protection Today!

The world is a volatile place. War. Terrorism. Natural disasters. Roller coaster stock markets. The stress and pressures never seem to go away. You’ve worked hard and you want to know your hard-earned money is safe from risk. With the possible financial risks increasing by the day, have you given a thought to what the best asset protection is? Maybe you've diversified your assets between stocks, bonds, and real estate. But how about gold? The reasons to own gold are numerous, but the most important thing to remember is it’s the only truly safe asset in this financially unstable world.

It's often difficult to read the newspapers or watch the news. Everything seems to be a potential bubble or meltdown waiting to happen. The stock market goes up. The stock market goes down. Banks are either expanding quickly or laying off thousands of people at a time. It used to be a safe bet to diversify your assets by buying real estate, but then the real estate crash happened and all of your holdings are now underwater.

When the real estate market crashed, lots of people decided FX trading was a great bet for financial success. But its risk is also high and the unexpected nature of the world affects this market just as much as others. Currencies go up and down every day. Look at what happened when the Swiss Franc shot up 18% one day and wiped out thousands of people. And the dollar and euro are not as safe as they seem. The US and the EU have amassed enormous debts and the value of their currencies are dependent on the countries that own the debt. Neither currency is safe.

There is one safe way to protect your assets. Gold. Actually, it's the best asset protection. There are many reasons to own gold, but the best reason is it's the original world currency and has been for 5000 years. With that history, you know it's going to be around even when the stock markets crash or the dollar or euro disappears. The reason why it's so great is because it's a commodity. When you buy gold, you buy something that has physical value. Whereas a stock or bond might have value at the moment, gold will always have value. That's why the rich always keep part of their holdings in gold. They use it as an insurance for the unexpected and you should too. It's the perfect way to diversify your assets.

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Now that you know the reasons why it’s important to own gold, you are ready to protect your finances and learn the ABCs of Gold Investing. It's actually quite easy. You can buy gold bullion or coins online or from a local jeweler. Most people prefer this because they get something physical they can keep in case of emergency. For those who don't want actual gold, it's also possible to invest in gold by buying ETFs that specialize in gold or by buying future contracts in gold. You can also buy stocks in the gold mining companies since their stock prices are usually valued in relation to the value of gold. These options are all great, but gold coins and bullion are always the best asset protection.

The ABCs of Gold Investing is just that easy. Buy gold coins or bullion online or from your local jeweler. Use it to protect your assets and hedge against future disasters. It’s the perfect investment. If the stock market crashes, gold still has a value. If the real estate market crashes, gold still has a value. If the dollar or euro suddenly crashes in value, gold still has a value. By buying gold, you are buying a commodity that has a 5000-year history of being the most stable currency in world history. Protect yourself and invest in gold.

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