Thursday, September 11, 2014

Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Businesses use social media marketing to gain customers and keep their current customers informed of upcoming events and similar instances. Many business owners make numerous mistakes when social media is involved, and this is due to many social media marketing misconceptions. The good news in this situation is that the mistakes in social media marketing can be corrected. There are many mistakes to avoid when doing social media marketing, and techniques that should be used.
1. More Numbers
Too many business owners are focused on numbers that are not as essential as others. Having 1,000 followers or customers is a lot better than 20,000 followers, 15,000 who are inactive and 1,000 customers on a list where only 50 customers or less are active.
2. Allowing Spam
Not too many people are fond of span and what it has to offer. “Spamming” is a technique that some companies still use today to get potential customers to check out their business, and maybe make a purchase. Spamming is one of many mistakes in social media marketing that should be avoided. Spamming is an ineffective marketing technique, and it loses customers instead of gaining them.
3. Abandonment
A lot of business owners create social media profiles and leave them. In order for social marketing to benefit the business, the business owner must be a participant and remain active. Potential customers are more likely to be interactive with a social page a business has if their page statuses are current.
4. Remaining Solo
A business owner should ever stay to themselves. Interaction is one of the greatest things about social media marketing. Remaining solo is another one of the mistakes to avoid when doing social media marketing. A business owner should reach out to others and network as much as possible.
5. Taking the Spotlight
One of the common mistakes in social media marketing is when business owners make all of their social media posts about themselves. This is a guaranteed way to lose potential and current customers. A business’s profile should reflect the events that take place or upcoming events, and other beneficial information that customers will find valuable.
6. Profile Connecting
One of the biggest social media marketing misconceptions is that connecting one social media profile to others is a great idea. Although this may seem convenient, it can hurt a business in the future. Not every social media platform operates the same way or targets an audience in the same manner.
7. Posting Schedule
It is in a business owner’s best interest to submit social media statuses and posts on a consistent schedule. One of the most common mistakes to avoid when doing social media marketing is posting too much or not enough information and updates about the business. This is one of the biggest social media marketing misconceptions that business owners are not aware of.
It is better to post things that customers have an increased chance of being or becoming interested in. Posting statuses and posts on a schedule, customers can find answers to many of the questions they have and are more likely to interact with the business’s social media page.
Here are seven crucial factors that business owners need to keep in mind when they are ready to introduce their business to social media and social media marketing. These seven tips are basic, but they will take a business to great measures of success if they are followed correctly.
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