Monday, September 22, 2014

Social Media Marketing Techniques for Dominating Position

For anyone who needs to clear out the cobwebs on their social channels and sharpen their effective social media marketing strategies, here are a few techniques to employ so you can take back control and rise in the ranks.
Develop a Strategy and Follow It
developIf you don’t have a solid plan in place, your content will probably be lost and never seen. For example, set a reasonable limit on how many tweets to publish every day. Adjust the number as needed, but definitely have a goal. Even publishing just five tweets a day gives you somewhat of a benchmark to work with.
View Each Channel as a Separate Entity
Each one of your social channels should be addressed as a separate entity. Some content will be spread across every channel – for instance, if your company was just acquired by a global enterprise, this is the kind of news you’ll likely want to share with everyone. However, you should fine-tune your strategy based on your audience for that particular channel.
Go Beyond What Your Customers Expect
If a visitor tweets or posts on one of your channels and you don’t respond, their trust in you is essentially lost. Because you failed to reply, they’re now turning to your competitors for answers or guidance. On the other hand, a quick but thoughtful response will flatter them and create interest in your brand. This literally builds authority and shows you have integrity. Also, address any negative feedback as well, preferably with respect and kindness.
Embrace Human Error
human-errorEveryone makes mistakes, no matter who you are. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fast pace of social media. Instead of ignoring a mistake, simply embrace it. In other words, do not delete tweets. If you made a mistake and it’s already been published, your followers will start to notice if you’re constantly re-posting tweets. For bigger mistakes, proactively respond by sending out content apologizing and pointing out the error so that everyone is aware and understands.

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Tracking and Talking
Tracking is generally thought of as time-consuming and tedious. While that’s true, it should ideally only take a couple of hours to do each month. Take the time to review the metrics that are vital to your business at least once a month. Here’s what you should be focusing on:
• Pageviews
• Post likes and shares
• Number of posts
• Clicks to your site or products
• Follower growth
• Impressions
View each channel as an individual entity, and compare your stats to your biggest competitors to get an idea on how well your effective social media marketing strategies are holding up.
Remain Active on Google+
Google+, sometimes known as a Facebook wannabe, is a major social media player and is probably here to stay. In fact, new and old businesses alike are realizing just how important it is to stay actively engaged on this platform in order to grow their brand. Whenever you do a search on Google, you’ll quickly notice that Google+ is virtually everywhere. So, if you’re actively posting your business on Google+, it’s basically free advertisement for your brand when other people search for you on Google.
Social Media Advertising Trends
Social media advertising today is what conventional search engine marketing was nearly five years ago – continually changing all the time. In 2014, we’ve seen major changes and huge leaps forward in the realm of social media advertising trends. Here are five key platforms to keep your eye on and utilize that will ultimately work to grow your brand:
• Twitter Ads
• Facebook Video Ads
• Google+ Ads
• PPC Marketing
• Mainstays like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
It’s been an amazing year of growth regarding social media advertising. With the latest features, targeting opportunities, and channels to discover – who knows where social media will be in another five years?

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