Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Pros and Cons of YouTube Business Marketing

There are various reasons why you develop videos in the first place - to educate, instruct, advertise, or entertain. One of the places you can upload your videos for visitors to access is YouTube. This is a popular video hosting site that allows you to reach millions of visitors at once. However, even a well-crafted YouTube business marketing strategy comes with pros and cons.

YouTube Marketing Pros

1. Viral-ability

The dream of every marketer is to get as many shares as possible. YouTube is very capable of facilitating this because of its huge popularity. YouTube is the second largest search engine accounting for almost 55 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2014

Video is more likely to put you at the top of search engine results pages (SERP) faster than articles and photos. Email messages are also more likely to be opened if you include a video in them.

2. YouTube is Owned by Google

The mere fact that Google owns YouTube means that your videos will turn up on the SERP before videos from other hosting agents. This means you stand a better chance of being ranked highly if you have a YouTube video.

52 percent of consumers say that video makes them confident of buying a product. This means that better ranking makes you get customers that are more loyal.
While traditional marketing gets visitors to your site, video makes them stay on your site five times more.

3. Totally free, Yet Effective

This means that you can upload and engage your visitors free of charge. There are many cases where a 2-minute video cover more ground than a full article. This is because most customers would rather watch a video that detail what a product looks like and how a task is done rather than read a 2-page description.

Cons of YouTube Video Marketing

1. No Guarantee

Since it is free to use, you have no guarantee that you will get the dedicated support and uptime to make your YouTube business marketing strategy work for you.

2. Lack of Customizations

At time, for you to come up with the best YouTube marketing strategy, you need flexibility. This flexibility comes in the form of customizations to the video. YouTube restricts you in this regard. YouTube platform provides limitations when it comes to customizations that you can place at the end of the video, such as clickable calls-to-actions (CTAs) or email subscriptions as compared to other video hosting platforms.

3. Negative Video Reviews

For lots of marketers, this is the worst YouTube nightmare. The viewers on this platform are vicious and unforgiving. Viewers will say anything without any discretion. As you well know, negative reviews spoil your online reputation. It is hard for you to regain this reputation once it is destroyed.

4. It Requires More Attention

The beginning of your video determines whether the viewer will continue watching it or will close it and move to another video. You need to know that YouTube puts related videos on the same page, which means that if your video is not convincing, better content from a competitor is just a click away.

Final Thoughts

It takes more than putting up a video to come up with the best YouTube Marketing strategy – you need to understand the pros and cons to know how to leverage this platform.

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