Friday, January 16, 2015

What is a Mentor? And Why Should You Use One?

Mentors are experts in their chosen field. These people are knowledgeable in their niche, and they have honed their craft to a level where they can take on somebody else and help them achieve the same results.

What is a mentor exactly?

A mentor is somebody who guides another individual to achieving the same level of success. These people provide information, knowledge, insight, and guidance on the subject. Many people in all facets of business and success have used a mentor or a coach to help home their craft. Tiger Woods is among one of the best golfers in the world, and even he has a coach to guide him on his quest to improving his game. Literally every professional athletes has somebody guiding them and coaching them, and usually they'll have another person to provide mentorship for their quest to success.

Mentors aren't exactly like coaches the way Tiger has a coach. Most often, they are usually just other people who have experienced the same thing as the person they are coaching, and they help provide significant insight as to how they can take their ideas and implement them into their lives.


Why Everybody Should Have One

First of all, they help target their focus and create good goals for the individual. Obviously, everyone reading this wants to have a full-time career online where they can live a life of financial freedom. Having a mentor in this business can save anybody sufficient time in the long run.
With a mentor in the Internet marketing field, one can find out which method works best online, how to make money legitimately, and the insight to making a full-time income with the methods that the mentor themselves have used.


Getting Effective Mentoring
The key to finding a mentor who can provide someone with effective mentoring is to look for someone with experience who has succeeded in their field. For anyone looking for a mentor in the Internet marketing world who has made thousands and thousands online, find somebody who has proven through their methods that they are a success. They must also be willing to share their info freely and willingly without hesitation.


Looking For A Mentor

They are out there somewhere. If someone wants an IM guru to teach them their methods, find them. Contact them on their website. Talk to them on the many Internet marketing forums. Several people can also try to get in contact with them through a third party. Finding a mentor who has experience is one problem. But actually finding them and getting in touch with them is another task.
When a person needs mentorship, they must be prepared to put in the work required to achieve success. They must not be afraid to try something new or implement new strategies. Investing in the mentorship is another hurdle. Is a person willing to pay another person big cash just to receive their guidance and help? Is it worth it? The short answer is definitely yes. Learning from a respected person online can change their marketing forever.

Making money online is no walk in the park, and it requires more work than others think. It is a process that should start with having a good plan, and having a mentor to provide that plan should help get a person in the right direction to succeeding online and making money online.

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