Friday, February 20, 2015

Live Events: Why You Should Go to Them

With the increasing presence of the internet in all types of day-to-day affairs, many individuals are forgetting the importance of actually attending in-person events. They might feel as though they can obtain the same experience through a webcast. While internet tools are effective at building bridges among communities and individuals, live events provide offers that the internet cannot.

Testing Products and Services
Depending upon the nature of the event, the company might have products or services that the attendees can test out. Certain features are available for testing on the web, or the company can provide a detailed description of what these products and services can do, but the only way for a person to really know if something works for him or her is to test it out. Individuals may have the opportunity to find a new tool that works for their businesses, or they may be able to see the features of a new device that they could not from viewing it on the web.

Engaging All the Senses
Human beings were provided with five senses, and while some sense of virtual reality might be close, people are still unable to use all of their senses when they are experiencing something online. Sight and sound are the two predominating features. Therefore, if the event has to do with food, people need to actually attend it to taste what the business has to offer. Additionally, while individuals can ask questions online, it is generally quicker and more efficient to ask a number of questions in person.

Researching the Product or Service
Going to live events, therefore, provides individuals with the opportunity to learn more about the project. Engaging in a conversation with a live individual is easier than submitting a series of questions to an online message board or sending an email. All of the questions can be asked in the same conversation without having to wait hours or days for a reply. An advantage of attending live events is also the fact that people can avoid having chats with robots online or computers that are programmed to answer only a certain set of questions. 

Building a Sense of Rapport
Not all people are used to conducting business online, and such conversations may be stilted and awkward for them. As a result, they are not able to build the same level of rapport that they could in an in-person meeting. Going to live events means that two or more individuals actually have the chance to build a relationship with one another. Determining if a relationship is mutually agreeable and amicable is difficult to do when one or both parties are sitting behind the screen and the keyboard. 

Seeing the Full Picture
Some people have started to rely on the internet so much that they forget it is able to full them. For example, an advantage of attending live events means that flaws cannot be so easily hidden. If a band is not playing well, but the music is screaming online, the sounds might be manipulated. However, if a person goes to see the band live, then he or she will know what they sound like in-person.

As wonderful as the internet is, some human experiences simply cannot be replaced by a robot.

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