Friday, February 6, 2015

Social Media Marketing, Is It Right For You?

Social media. It’s everywhere: Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, GooglePlus, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Disqus, Quora, Tumblr, Yelp… the list could go on and on. You may feel that it is non-essential for the success of your business to invest in social media platforms. After all, they did not always exist… but neither did the computer. In today’s digital age, it is especially critical that you stay in tune with the times and invest in tools that can help your business prosper. Is social media marketing for you? Can you do use these social media tools to the benefit of your business? Read on to find out.

Don’t Overextend Yourself 
What with all the different social media platforms available, you may be tempted to try to establish an active presence on as many as you can. After all, the more prolific your image is, the better your chances of winning customers and increasing revenue, right? Not necessarily. If you attempt to influence every single social media network on the Internet, you will run yourself ragged trying to maintain each unique platform. You will also be unable to focus your attention sufficiently to provide quality content for each site. When determining which social media marketing tools to use, keep in mind the two or three places with platforms that dovetail best with your business objectives and become a master at social media optimization with them.

Facebook is Your Friend
Many companies use Facebook as a platform to advertise, list upcoming events and keep their consumers updated on the latest news regarding their products. “Like us on Facebook” is a common phrase used by companies across America. While the above is a start toward building a relationship with your consumers, have you ever thought of liking your consumers? Facebook is a great social media optimization tool that can deepen relations between consumers and companies more effectively than traditional advertising. 

Social Media Marketing for Business Objectives is Not the Be All and End All of Success
A spectacular Twitter or Facebook presence with horrible customer service is not a good sign for the longevity of your company. Likewise, a vibrant blog does not cancel out the effects of inefficient business practices. Keep in mind that social media tools are designed to enhance your business, not to cover up defective business strategies or poor communication practices. Social media marketing for business success is there to help you take off from the carefully-built launch pad of tried-and-true business planning. 

Listen, Listen, Listen… And Listen Again
The key to having a successful relationship with anyone is to always be listening. The same is true for a business-consumer relationship. A business that fails to be responsive to customer feedback risks losing sales and receiving bad ratings (think the Better Business Bureau). If you take the time to listen to what your customers are saying, you can gain valuable insights on how to improve your products and reach a wider field of customers. That’s why customer feedback is so highly sought after by companies around the world. Harness the world of social media to give yourself the leverage necessary for effective listening. Don’t take your customers’ ideas, thoughts or even their complaints lightly. Having a listening attitude could mean the difference between a solvent business and a bankrupt business. 

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