Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trending Types of Live Events

If you are an event organizer or simply looking for some entertainment for a business function, choosing the type of live event can be the difference between creating a real impression or having a mediocre event. You must understand the top live events that people are currently investing in! Below are some of the best ideas for today's live entertainment.

- Comedy

Today's top comedy performers are entertaining crowds with genre bending acts including puppetry, standup and even tap dancing. These kinds of performers usually sway away from politics and towards genuine performance, so they will be much more palatable to everyone in a business oriented or purely social environment.

Catching one of these incredible performers is sure to leave an impression. Comedy is great because you can incorporate any themes from the business program into the act as well. Comedians are some of the best performers when it comes to selling a message, and the best of them are quite adept at it.

- Music

The DJ has been elevated to new levels of celebrity in the music industry, and these new personalities can create a great deal of magic at your business event. They have bigger budgets, better audiovisuals in their shows and have less equipment [read: they cost a great deal less than either of the other categories on this page!]. If you have not seen some of the incredible performances of Steve Aoki, Diplo, Poniiboi or Skrillex, then you owe it to yourself to check them out!

If you want a more low key performance, a cover band with a dossier for a certain genre of music is a great choice. Most of these bands come equipped with a full repertoire of oldies but goodies that you can count on. Most top live events for businesses will include one of these cover bands, which can be targeted directly at the audience that is attending.

- Motivational Speakers

A great motivational speaker is a great way to drive a message home for a more conservative crowd. Motivational speakers can include a message directly in the message with no fluff or cover. This is a great way to get an older, more conservative audience into the thick of the event.

Many motivational speakers may cross the boundary over into comedy; however, the meat of a motivational speaker's act does not have anything to do with the performance aspect that comedy so often includes. If you are unsure of which to bring, watch a short video of the best of each on a video sharing channel.

Note: If you really want to have an exciting event and you have the budget, consider bringing all three different types of entertainers for different nights - a comedian, a musician and a motivational speaker!

Depending on the type of event that you are throwing, the above three categories should cover you quite nicely. Make sure that you always stay on top of the type of entertainment that people are enjoying when you are choosing the type of live event to crown your get together with!

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