Monday, July 14, 2014

Why You Should Go For A Mobile Friendly Website

It is no secret that mobile devices are quickly overtaking laptops and desktops for online browsing, shopping, and socializing. These days, virtually every business in the world needs to have an active site. Since more and more people are using mobile devices, it is imperative to consider turning your website into a mobile friendly website. The main advantage of mobile friendly website is that it offers users the opportunity to search for information online, shop, and socialize while they are on the go.   Are you hesitant about turning your website into a mobile friendly website? Here are a few reasons why your site should be mobile friendly:
  • Capturing customers’ attention with your mobile friendly website is possible if your website looks good when they view it on their mobile device. Customers prefer a mobile friendly website because it offers them the opportunity to interact easily with your company's website.
  • By the year 2015, most people will perform 50% of their searches on their mobile devices. Currently, this number is somewhere between the figures of 30% and 40% - which shows that more and more customers prefer a mobile friendly device. By simply converting to a mobile friendly website design, business owners will certainly position their company to rank higher on any type of search conducted by consumers.
  •  Target audiences can access all your website content from any location they are, on any mobile device in their position. All videos, images, audio, and text need to be mobile friendly. Turning your website into a mobile friendly website starts from the web design. The web designer will need to review every single video, audio, image or text content on the site and ensure that it displays well on the screen of the smallest smart phone and the largest computers screens. When consumers find any part of your site to be non-mobile device friendly, there is a huge chance that they would go elsewhere.
  •  If you choose to offer a mobile friendly site, you will no doubt, help increase the amount of time your target audiences spend on your site. Because when people are able to browse on your site with their mobile device without hassle, this will encourage them to become paying customers. Any issues that inhibit their experience with your site will cause them to leave your website and possibly never return.
  • Mobile friendly design has moved from being optional to being mandatory for a lot of businesses. Online retailers or marketers who have not converted their site yet need to have a word with their website design firm about making the change.

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