Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Using Social Media to Promote Start-up Businessess

When running a business, it’s wise to think about a marketing strategy. When thinking about one, most people will want to use the Internet as it’s an effective and cheap way to market products and services to enthusiastic clients around the world. While true, it’s not always easy as people aren’t always well-versed in social media marketing strategies. With this in mind, here are five tips for using social media to promote your startup business.
Start early:
strokeofmidnightFirst and foremost, when using social media for marketing, one will want to start the journey early in the process. Think about it, when starting out early on, one will know how to proceed. Not only that, when looking for followers from day one, it’s possible to build the pages quickly. Without a doubt, when starting a small business social media strategy early, one will not falter in their approach. On the other hand, when waiting too long, it’s possible to lose the page to a company with a similar name.

Find true followers: While it’s fun to find hundreds of followers to check out a page, it’s not always wise to do so. When looking for fans, it’s beneficial to look for ones with a true interest in the product. Otherwise, if Facebook fans are simply people who only have a passing interest, they will not convert into customers. So, when starting out, make sure to find legitimate and excited fans. Furthermore, don’t buy them as Facebook will ban the account when the company is caught.

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Post a few days a week: Don’t cave into the temptation and post four or five times a day. While it’s interesting and exciting to watch the comments and activity pile up, it’s beneficial to take a slow approach. Otherwise, a corporation can quickly cheapen its brand. In fact, when using social media for marketing, a smart business will only post two or three days a week. Then, when offering true value, the small business social media strategy will pay big dividends. If one doesn’t follow this advice, they are likely to anger fans that bore of reading the same content over and over.
Ask questions: Now, the beauty of social media is that a company can talk directly to its clients. This is especially important when working in the startup sphere where it’s often difficult to connect with new and old clients. However, with a few open-ended questions, one can watch as their fans list grows and their social media marketing plan takes off. If one forgets their followers and only markets to them, one will miss out on a valuable way to grow a brand.
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Remember that people are watching:
2014-07-16_0538Finally, when running a social media campaign, one must remember that people are watching. When this happens, a company will want to respond to inquiries, bad and good, quickly. If not, the start-up is likely to hurt its reputation. Then, it will face an uphill battle to find clients and build the brand. So, remember, when on social media, people are watching. When looking to promote a start-up, social media is an excellent tool. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s a tool that people can learn to use quickly and efficiently. For this reason, when starting up a company, one must use Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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