Friday, April 3, 2015

Boost Your Authority as An Expert By Writing Articles

Success with marketing no longer involves those outdated strategies of the past. Instead, it involves a proactive approach that’s predicated on reaching a mobile and connected customer base, one that is online and always searching for new information. Ultimately, when someone looks to answer “why I should write an article,” the answer comes down to mastering your target niche by becoming that all-important market expert. Here are some direct benefits of using articles to become an expert in your field.

Good Content Engages its Audience

Providing an engaging and thought-provoking article not only showcases your company’s core competencies, but it forever demonstrates your own knowledge and expertise, while helping to position you and your company as an important market influencer. Customers want more than just a product or service. They want to better understand who they’re buying from and what they bring to the table. A personal connection is ultimately what selling and marketing is all about. Our online world affords you the opportunity to reach out to your customers at the click of a mouse.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Mastering your target niche ultimately means identifying your target audience and incentivizing them to take action. Article writing is an ideal approach because it allows you to tap into a global marketplace, one where your customers could be half way around the world, or right around the corner. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn't merely a buzzword. It’s the road-map you need to reach out to global customers, ones who at this very moment are searching for what you and your company have to offer. Organic content reaches that audience in a way few mediums can. If that article is optimized for search engines, then it will reach those individuals most interested in its message.

A More Accurate Type of Marketing

At one time, marketing was seen as one half black magic the other half luck. The companies of the past relied upon a haphazard approach of randomly searching for customers. However, they were never certain whether their advertisements were reaching their intended targets. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. When you look to answer “why I should write an article,” think first about how today’s online marketing allows you to track results in real-time. It’s a marketing platform with an accuracy no other outbound marketing strategy can duplicate. 

An Inexpensive Continuous Resource

Perhaps the most important reason you should use articles to master your target niche is because it’s an inexpensive form of marketing. You alone write the article based on your own knowledge, your own expertise and with your own focus. This allows you to appeal directly to those targeted customers you know will appreciate your company’s value proposition. 

It’s not something you need to rely upon others for. All you need to do is write the article, track its performance in terms of views and customer engagement, and if needed, make necessary changes to improve that article and make it more relevant. Online article writing is something you can do today that you couldn't do before. After all, once that article was printed, there was no going back.

It doesn't matter if you’re posting that article on your company’s website, your own personal blog, on an online forum, on social media or even on an online industry trade publication, reaching out to your audience has never been simpler. What it takes is your willingness to start writing.

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