Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Businesses Are Into Video Marketing

Though it took some time to go mainstream, video marketing is now widely recognized as the most effective way to promote a brand. In many ways, video marketing is the new blogging insofar as drawing eyeballs is concerned. When one looks at the results of an effective video marketing campaign, it's not surprising that the medium has taken off. Here are a couple of reasons why video marketing has taken center stage lately.

It Greatly Increases Engagement

Pound for pound, video marketing simply elicits a stronger response than other forms of marketing. For starters, interested parties will spend more time watching a video than they will reading an article on the same topic. Videos allow viewers to more easily visualize using a business's products and services while they're sucking up the knowledge contained within. Simply put, videos leave a more lasting impression on a target audience.

It Provides Key Consumer Insights

While the effectiveness of any content marketing effort can be tracked via analytics, video marketing in particular allows for deep insights into consumer behavior. All of the top video hosting platforms online boast a slew of tools to help marketers look closely at viewer interaction and content consumption statistics. Those insights empower marketers to improve their videos even further and boost ROI into the stratosphere.

It Gives the Audience More Options

The biggest problem with blogging is that it's a fairly limited way to deliver value and engage prospective customers. Videos allow marketers to deliver far more information in a variety of formats. Including transcripts along with videos allows watchers to soak up visual data while following along without sound. Likewise, those that can't pay attention to the video for whatever reason can listen to the audio.

It Promotes Further Exploration

The fact that videos allow marketers to pack a ton of information into a concise format means that they can encourage further content consumption. For instance, businesses can embed interactive links to related content within videos and nudge viewers to click on them. They can also combine that tactic with sophisticated analytics to fine-tune further content recommendations. That's how experts do video marketing in the real world.

It Promotes Social Media Sharing

Nowadays, viral promotion via social media portals is a key ingredient in the success equation for many businesses. If a brand's followers are doing all of their advertising for them by telling their friends, they'll save a boatload on marketing costs. A strong social media presence can also dramatically boost a site's placement in the organic search engine results pages, thereby raising a brand's profile even further.

It's More Affordable than Ever

One of the most attractive qualities of video marketing is the fact that the cost of producing topnotch videos has fallen dramatically. Once upon a time, creating rich videos with eye-catching graphics and special effects required the use of a full studio and a lot of pricey equipment. Nowadays, even the smallest businesses can put together professional marketing videos using nothing more than smartphones, laptops and free editing software.

It Boasts Superior Conversion Rates

Statistics show that videos convert viewers into customers at a far higher rate than written content. An effective video marketing campaign can create a compelling brand image for a business that quickly attracts new customers in droves. Brands that use video marketing can do more with less and reinvest those savings into improving their core competencies. As such, video marketing is a win-win for both consumers and businesses.

Hop Aboard the Video Marketing Train

In a nutshell, video isn't the future of marketing. It's the present and it can make or break a brand. Many business owners are now frantically trying to figure out how experts do video marketing. There's no real secret to success if one just understands why the tactic is so effective. Review the points above and commit them to memory if learning how to use video marketing in a productive manner is a priority. 

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