Monday, April 6, 2015

Strategies in Writing Artices in Your Target Niche

When building an online presence, don't underestimate the importance of articles as a means to becoming a master of your target niche. Investing in articles that are well-written and provide useful information is key to attracting and holding on to readers.

Information Is the Key

Everyone searching the web is either looking for information or to be entertained, and while videos are good for some topics, articles have a strong role as well. For topics that are complex and provide structured information, the importance of articles that readers will want to share and bookmark for future reference is the bread and butter of niche content.

Reading Is Vital

You must write unique articles that provide new information. To avoid repetition, subscribe to and read other bloggers in your niche. Research and read what others have to say on the topic. An excellent way to find micro-niche topics is to focus on one part of a general article and write in depth about it. For example, instead of writing about making money online, write about a particular affiliate and the best ways to utilize them.

Ask Your Readers What They Want

When you share on social sites, ask your readers if they would like to know more about the topic and if so, what specific information they are interested in. Don't just post and run, because the comments often contain great topic ideas. Providing your readers with exactly what they want increases their incentive to share and promote your content.

Be Consistent

Nothing will kill your internet karma faster than taking weeks off from contributing content to your site. The more you write, the more your readers will share. It's always a numbers game, and those who keep their names and faces in the social eye are the ones who succeed.

Write Directly to Your Target Audience

You cannot become the master of your target niche if you do not write articles that are completely relevant to that niche. If you are not an expert in your niche topic, investing in articles written by those who are will pay for itself many fold. This is especially important for micro-niches, because readers expect expert knowledge as opposed to surface-level information they can find anywhere.

Create a Mind-Map

Creating a mind-map of topics and subtopics gives you a boost when trying to ideate new article topics. Each topic keyword should be able to spawn several articles. Using your main niche keyword, map out at least five to 10 subtopics with another five subtopics for each of them. Once you have written those, go even deeper into micro-topics. Mind mapping expands the possibilities for article ideas exponentially.

Keyword Research Is Essential

While you don't want to write to the most popular keywords due to excessive competition, you also don't want to write only to keywords that no one searches for. A good mix of keywords in different levels will draw in traffic from many segments of those interested in your niche. Reading the daily news and using sites like Google Alerts will help you find trending searh terms for keywords that draw immediate traffic.

Becoming the master of your target niche is much more complicated than just flooding the internet with volumes of meaningless content. Readers are tired of stale, overdone, poorly written articles that say nothing new. Well written, well researched, unique and up-to-date articles will keep your readers coming back for more and inviting their friends.

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